Why Train at HEATS?

The Training centre has been built specifically to offer the most comprehensive selection of appliances and flue types available to include; Oil, solid fuel and biomass.
The selection of appliances includes;

  • Open & Register Plated inglenooks.
  • Top vented multi fuel & wood stoves.
  • Back vented multi fuel & wood stoves.
  • Old and New Parkray’s.
  • Oil and Solid Fuel Cooking Ranges.
  • Insert Stoves.
  • Biomass stove and insert stove.
  • Standard Open Fires
  • Large Open Fires
  • Live and Simulated Live Stoves
  • Inset replica Victorian fire
  • Small Open Fires
  • Soot Door Access
  • Oil Boiler
Chimney Sweep Training at HEATS

At HEATS We understand that every trainee is unique, and with that in mind We teach using different techniques. We know that there are four different ways that people learn. These are

Visual learners this type of person likes to see the information so they can really visualise the subject, to teach them we have lots of pictures within our main presentation as well as videos, demonstrations and labels throughout our training centre.

Auditory learners Prefer to hear information rather than just read it, so we help them by reading out our presentation as well as getting everyone to join in on discussions throughout our training.

Reading/writing learners learn best by interacting with text, so a book is supplied that runs alongside our presentation and we recommend that you make your own notes.

Kinesthetic learner these people are hands on learners they learn by doing rather than the other methods of learning and this is why we have a big practical element to the courses, we teach different styles using different equipment so everyone can find their preferred method of safely and thoroughly sweeping chimneys and give a great way to simply learn the trade.

Because we teach using all these different techniques we believe that everyone leaving our centre have a thorough knowledge of their chosen profession.

To keep our courses up to date we have feedback from all trainees and keep on top of any industry changes then use that information to freshen the course rather than it becoming outdated.

If you are not sure which centre to use please read some of our reviews from past trainees.